Express Entry – A gateway for international students to immigrate

Staying in Canada and become Canadian citizenship is a goal of a majority of students. As I mentioned before, in order for international students to stays, they have to go through a system called Express Entry (EE). So, how does this system works and how can you apply? The following link will be the detailed explanation for the EE. Please make sure you read it carefully.

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Five tips for learning English

As an international student and English is not my first language, I have suffered from speaking and sometimes it is very hard to pronounce correctly a word. I believe that a lot of international student is going through the same suffering like I have been. To some international students, speaking English is the prominent key for the success in career path and finding a job offer in order for them to stay in Canada. Therefore, improving English is a must. In this post, I would love to share some personal tips that might help you to better at speaking English.

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