Five tips for learning English

As an international student and English is not my first language, I have suffered from speaking and sometimes it is very hard to pronounce correctly a word. I believe that a lot of international student is going through the same suffering like I have been. To some international students, speaking English is the prominent key for the success in career path and finding a job offer in order for them to stay in Canada. Therefore, improving English is a must. In this post, I would love to share some personal tips that might help you to better at speaking English.

Learn from the beginning

One thing I noticed from a lot of students including me that we have been taught the wrong pronunciation. Therefore, we have to learn from the beginning. We should learn IPA which is International Phonetic Alphabet that helps to say the English word correctly. You can google and youtube these IPA and start practice day by day.


Speaking slowly

I used to speak really fast and people did not understand me. Because we do have the accents in our English, speaking slowly is a must for native speakers to understand us. Moreover, it is easier for us to pay attention to IPA pronunciation by speaking slowly


Hanging out with different people from different backgrounds.

Beauce “practice makes perfect”. We need to speak English to perfect it. As I know being an international student, we tend to go back to our group to hang out. However, I encourage you to break out of the comfort zones, make more international friends so that you can pratcie what you learn.


Listen, pay attention and imitate

The best way to learn a language is doing imitation. Therefore, whenever you can, it is really good if you can pay attention to how the native speakers say different words through sociable conversation, movies. Then, try to imitate the sounds until the point you can master it


Let the intonation naturally come

Some of us are trying really hard to imitate the intonation and accents. Contradictorily, It makes our English sound unnatural. Thus, I would say we just let it come naturally by time.

Accents will be there, we can get rid of it, but it takes really long time and very much efforts. As long as you willing to do, it will come, just do not rust and do not try to speak fast.



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