What to do when you are in Canada? (Part 2)


This second post will give you another guideline about how to shop, entertain, have fun in Canada. It is a wide range of activities awaiting you ahead.

ID – it is a must

Whenever you go, having a ID is a must to you. Whenever you want to buy a beer, buy lottery, go to club to hangout or government officers “ID” you. However, it is very inconvenient for you to to carry the passport around. In addition, if you lose it, there is a big trouble for you. Therefore, you can consider some alternatives:

  • Government ID: a legal ID issued by Provincial government which can use Canada wide
  • Driver Licence: driver licence is very useful. I recommend to have a driver licence because it can be both ID and you can learn how to drive later.


Bank account

it is really important to have a bank account to save money, deposit your paycheck and the place where your parent send the money for you. There are different banks across Canada, but I recommend you to sign up at TD bank, BMO, RBC because they are really popular. Once you come in the bank, ask for student account because they have special offers for students. Depends on banks, they have different promotion. Last but not least, you can deposit 500-1000 CAD to get a credit account. As you plan to stay, you have to build up your credit, by doing this is the first step for you to build up the credit that you can use later to borrow mortgage to buy cars or house.



There are different type of shopping stores that you can buy in Canada, they all can be accessible by public transportations.


  • Grocery shopping: My recommendation for you is Walmart and NoFrill. These supermarkets are having a lot of daily lower prices that you can buy groceries and stock them. In addition, if you like gourmet food, Metro, Loblaws are the choices. Last, in different regions they have different supermet that associates with cultures such as: Chinese supermarkets, Korean supermarkets, Vietnamese supermarkets, Italian supermarkets, Indian supermarkets…

Loblaws on Monday released more detail about how it plans to spend $1.2-billion on infrastructure in 2015, and the plan includes 50 new stores along with renovations to stores like this one at Leslie and Lake Shore and 20,000 jobs, including 15,000 in con


  • Other shopping:
    • if you are a fan of cosmetics and make-up, Shopper Drug Mart is a choice for you. Also, you can sign-up an optimum card to accumulate points and redeem laters
    • There are a lot of shopping mall in the different regions: among them are a lots of global brands which are category in casual wear (H&M, Zara, CK), Sportswear (lululemon, Nike, adidas), shoes, accessories, high-end fashion… My advice for you do buy winter clothes in the end of winter and summer outfits at the end of summer because it is on sales and you will save a lot of money.
    • If you are a fan of shoes: there are two brands that offer very cool shoes you can take a look: Foot Locker and Champs. Not only a wide range of choices but also there is many marked-down items.
    • Other places that we can find sales apparel, footwear and accessories are outlet. The price of products there often being marked down 40%-70%.


Winter jacket

It is really difficult to predict the Canada’s weather. Especially in the winter, someday it will be 0, -1 and the next day it could go down to -21. Therefore, getting warm and having a winter jacket is a must. The price gap of winter jacket is very high:

  • You can find some winter jacket around 100-200 in Winner
  • If you have more, you can spend 300-500 in Bench and similar brand
  • If you are a fashion and trendy person, Canda Goose, Moose Knuckles, ParaJumpers, MacKage, Monclair are the other options that you can take a look

Amid Frigid Temperatures, Boston Begins To Dig Out After Major Snow Storm


While in Canada, there are lot of different activities you can enjoy with:

  • Cineplex is a place you should definitely go to see: a lot of blockbuster and good movies awaits you there
  • Local park and downtown: I am pretty in the region you stay there will be a local park and downtown, you could take transportation there and explore the downtown
  • Travel: you should travel to different regions of Canada to see the changes in lifestyle, behaviors of Canadian. Here are some big city you should visit: Montreal – Quebec, Toronto – Ontario, Vancouver – British Columbia, Calgary – Alberta. You can cut price by using airbnb, it is highly recommended for you.



Foodie is another thing for you to enjoy night out with friends, as a country of diversity, you can taste the world different cultures within Canada.

  • Fast food: McDonald, AGW, Wendy Burger, Subway, PopEyes, KFC, Chippotle
  • Steak: The Keg
  • And a lot more of local restaurant, which you can find through trip advisors


There are a lots of things that you can do in Canada, the above just my recommendations for those who are newcomers. If you find anything interesting or want to write, please email me and we will have further discussion about it.


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