Five reasons why you should come to Canada

A lot of students have been exposed to different information in choosing country to study abroad. The options are ranging from USA, British, European countries, Australia, Canada… As an international student having been to study and work in Canada, I will show you some reasons which makes me fall in love with the country of maple leaves.

A country of diversity

Talking about Canada, the first phrase pops in my mind that is “the countries of diversity”.  In Canada, we can find people from different backgrounds such as: Asian, Latinos, White, Black, Brown… Together, these people, who are all Canadian, make a colorful of pictures with different shining points in their cultures. In fact, once I come to Canada, the only way I can distinguish if he/she a Canadian or not is to hear his/her accent. Therefore, I do not feel left-out and lonely at all.


A country of nice people, where “Sorry” and “Thank You” become  Canadian characteristics

If you get to know Canadians, there are two power phrases that widely used by most Canadians “Sorry” and “Thank You”. In fact, they can say “sorry” for everything even that you were the one made the mistakes. Canadian are very nice and love to socialize. I can catch thousand of people have sociable conversations whose topics is about weathers, people, a new house, politics, Trumps, habits, hobbies.

One more thing I get amazed by Canadians is their friendliness and politeness. For more than a dozen times, when I got lost, I was directed wholeheartedly by Canadians. Or, they mostly insisted to let me walk through the door first and many more things.


A country of beautiful natural landscapes

Talking about Canada, the second largest countries on the world, is talking about the one of amazing natural landscapes I have ever since. From British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec to Ontario, you will get stunned by the number of natural beautiful lakes, the immense forests, mighty mountains… This could be the perfect ways for me to escape from reality once while. I just pack my stuff, hop on the bus or do road trips with friends, or even doing camping. These trip would bring many valuable once-a-life-time moments in our life.


A country offers different education systems

Struggling about being not sure what to study? Canada offers wide ranges of educational systems that satisfy you.

  • College: offers 2-or-3-years programs for undergraduate students and 1-year program for graduate students… These program are very practical and and also updated annually to keep up with new trends to satisfy students. The tuition for college is usually the cheapest.
  • University: offer 4-years program for students with more academic programs (lawyers, doctors, engineers…) with a bachelor degree. Moreover, they can pursue the further education to master or PhD degrees for their academic knowledge. Unlike college, the tuition fees is higher, and more theoretical.


A country offers different opportunities to international students

Being “a country of immigrants”, Canada offers a huge opportunities for those international who want to stay in Canada and work. After graduation, students who are doing 2-years and above program can get a work permit for 2-3 years, or get a 1-year work permit for doing 1-year program. Then, Canada has different systems which students can apply to become permanent residences through PNP (provincial nomination program) or EE (express entry) programs. This is significantly important factor that students have to consider for choosing Canada as they want to stay abroad after your study.


In conclusion, as a lot of advantage for being an ideal destination for study, Canada truly outweighs other countries in my choice. You should visit Canada once in order for knowing more about Canada.


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